Catholic Church

Erin Ontario

St. John Brebeuf

The mandate of the Liturgy Committee is to assist and work with the pastor in the creation of meaningful celebrations that deepen faith, and help parishioners experience God's presence among us. Planning meaningful liturgical celebrations for Advent, Christmas, and Easter (to name a few) as well as making sure that every celebration (Mass, lay service, prayer service etc.) enables the entire parish to grow into a deeper relationship with Christ is the primary goal of this committee. Within this mandate includes lectors, church/altar decorating, Eucharistic adoration adult faith formation, religious study, music, etc.

If helping out in this capacity interests you, please contact Joanne Henkie at

Communion Ministry
Ministers of Communion have a unique and important job.  Sharing and offering the Body of Christ with our fellow parishioners each week through the Eucharist is a gift and one that everyone can participate in. When serving as Ministers of Communion, we are transformed into Vessels of Mercy. The vessels that hold the Body and Blood of Christ are treated with great reverence. Maybe we can become more aware that all those who receive Communion are sacred vessels that hold the body of Christ.  Ministers of Communion, through the Body of Christ, are participating in a ministry of charity.

At present, we have 12  Ministers of Communion, but there is always need for more Ministers.

Many hands make the work load much lighter and the commitment to serving our brothers and sisters is a such great feeling and doesn’t require a huge commitment of time and if you are attending mass anyway why not consider serving in this way.  Training will be provided at a Ministers of Holy Communion Formation Day ---a one-day workshop, usually held on a Saturday through the Diocese of Hamilton at one of the churches.